Responsive + Mobile Websites

You don’t need a “mobile-version” of your website to be “mobile-friendly.” Sitefinity content management system lets you adapt your current website to any device with Responsive Design. Define transformations that automatically optimize your website for each visitor’s unique screen using “drag & drop” layouts and responsive rule-sets.

Built-in Responsive Layouts

Sitefinity includes “drag & drop” layouts that can be quickly placed onto any page or template. These layouts are DIV-based, not TABLE-based, and fully aligned with HTML best practices. Once placed, Sitefinity becomes aware of the layout structure applied to your webpages, and through adaptive rule-sets, can optimize these layouts for the mobile web.

Preview for Mobile Devices

By using Responsive Design, Sitefinity allows a single web experience to be optimized for an unlimited number of devices. These optimizations can be previewed and tested using a built-in emulator that simulates how the page will be transformed for smartphones and tablets. Supported devices include: iPhone, iPad, HTC Incredible, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and more.

100% Standards Compliant

Responsive Design is based on web standards and supported in all modern web browsers. It’s based on a technology called “Media Queries” that was outlined in the W3C CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet) specification. Media Queries allow different styles to be specified for different devices, and Sitefinity connects these styles to your website to generate fluid layouts.

Backwards Compatible

Sitefinity’s mobile web support is based on Responsive Design, and this technique is supported by most desktop computers and nearly all mobile devices. However, devices that do not support this technique will simply retrieve the “default” experience for your website. By using progressive enhancement techniques, this experience remains completely accessible to older browsers.

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